“I met a special new friend this past year, who’s husband is living with stage 4 lung cancer. My family and I were honored to walk with his team, and I also volunteered to photograph the event. Running around with my camera, gave me the opportunity to meet all the teams, their friends and their families and it was very uplifting to feel the love and support they all shared with each other. It was a day I felt happy to share with my friend and her beautiful family and a great community of people involved in helping to find a cure.”


“This year’s new-venture Save Your Breath walk was impressive in terms of the number of participants, the span of their ages and the level of enthusiasm of every single walker. Also impressive was the level of organization that Deb Violette set in place and then oversaw on the day; it was a large, home-grown event that went very smoothly”.

(Mary Ellen)

I enjoyed the First Annual Save Your Breath Walk. It catered to most age groups; kids tattoos, educational material, raffles, light snacks and beverages. The walking route is not difficult and so much fun walking with others for such a worthy cause! Lung Disease does not receive the funding it should and this Walk is my small way of helping to support this nasty disease. Please help in the fight to provide support for lung cancer patients ~ thank you very much!


Last year’s walk was a unique experience for me where lung cancer patients, family, and friends gathered to share experiences, celebrate life, and renew hope. As a lung cancer patient, this support and shared warmth had previously been available in the way it is with many of the other cancers.